Warm Water, Empty Waves

cSURF SAMOA – Upolu Island has a number of great surf spots, many of which are located on the South Coast. Enjoy surfing in crystal clear, warm, tropical water comparable to an aquarium! We take our boat or vehicle daily to the best location, depending on wind and swell direction, getting our guests the best waves possible. Our knowledgeable surf guides have unparalleled experience and know the waves extremely well.

IMG_4318 rightOn the South coast of Upolu, there are a number of consistent breaks, including: Coconuts (Right hand reef pass), Salani (Right hand reef pass), Boulders (Large lava rock left hand point), TafaTafa (Right hand reef pass) and Nuusafee Island (Unbelievable left hander wrapping around a deserted island). Along with the names mentioned above, there are numerous other options on the south coast of Upolu that our guides will show you while you are here!

-3LEARN TO SURF –  Manoa Tours also offers “Learn to Surf” lessons for beginners! Our surf instructor has been surfing for over 25 years, is CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard certified. Manoa Tours “surf lessons” are at a local beach break, using long soft boards. All ages are welcome!

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