Things To Do in Samoa with Manoa Tours, By Tanoa Tusitala

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Exploring Samoa with Manoa Tours

There is an incredible variety of great things to do in Samoa. This includes excellent diving along the many coral reefs which surround the island, unparalleled surfing in the huge swells and impressive hiking trails through pristine forests with spectacular waterfalls and gorges. When you book with Manoa Tours you’ll discover some of Samoa’s best locations, find the biggest surf, the prime snorkelling spots or the most enjoyable boat trips.

Manoa Tours offer memorable personalised excursions to enjoy the many tourist attractions in Samoa and to discover the hidden treasures of the island. Manoa specialises in boat trips, surfing excursions and lessons, as well as hiking and sight-seeing tours, and their prime objective is that visitors experience a safe, well-organised and unforgettable experience. They are also a highly environmentally conscious company who ensure that no trip damages in any way, the delicate natural environments which make Samoa such a special place.


Experience some of the best surfing in Samoa with the team from Manoa Tours (Photo credit: Manoa Tours)

One of the most popular Samoa tours is the turtle tour where visitors can learn about and marvel at these wonderful gentle creatures. On all the boat tours the number of people in the boat, and on the ocean, at any given time is carefully controlled to reduce the environmental impact. When the boat anchors for the visitors to enjoy some Samoa scuba diving or snorkelling, moorings are used to avoid throwing an anchor onto the reef which could cause irreparable damage. Enjoy the incredible diversity of corals and reef fish found at snorkelling spots with such exciting names as Coconuts wall and the Aquarium, and experience some world-class scuba diving in Samoa.

Surfing in Samoa is a very popular activity, and for experienced surfers the choice of excellent surf spots is impressive. The south coast of Upolu has several consistent breaks to choose from, including the Nuusafee Island, an incredible left-hander which wraps around an uninhabited island, or the Tafa Tafa with a right-hand reef pass, or Boulders, a left-hand point with a huge lava rock. Daily transport to the best surfing spots is provided either by boat or in a road vehicle, and although the biggest southerly swells are normally between April and September these expert surf guides will ensure a fantastic surfing experience at any time of year.


Manoa also offer a range of incredible Samoa hiking and sightseeing tours (Photo credit: Manoa Tours)

For those wishing to learn to surf, Samoa is an ideal location, with its warm, crystal clear waters. Manoa Tours is the only independently operated surf tour company in Samoa, and their instructor has over 25-years of surfing experience. The long soft surfboards which are used for beginners and the gentle local beach break make this a learning course suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

The sea obviously offers some of the best things to do in Samoa, but the island of Upolu also provides opportunities to learn about the local culture and inhabitants. Manoa Tours can arrange a fascinating visit to the local market in Apia to pick up some authentic hand-crafted souvenirs or to try some exotic foods. They can organise a customised sight-seeing tour to the top Samoa attractions, or a spectacular hike through the lush natural forest to Lake Lanoto’o, or along the Lava cliffs, or following the fascinating Robert L. Stevenson Memorial Trail.

Manoa Tours can create just the experience you wish to enjoy as an individual, as a couple, or in a group, so take the opportunity to explore the attractions in Samoa by land or sea, with people who really know and care about the island.

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