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Surfing Samoa / Everything you need to know by Lush Palm with Manoa Tours

Eric & Tara from Lush Palm  are on an around the world Endless Summer surf adventure – The crew at Manoa Tours was lucky enough to team up with them during their Samoa stop off.  Check out their Surfing Samoa / Everything You Need to Know Article, up on their blog now for tips & info before your next Samoa Surf Trip!

Samoa is a lush tropical paradise. There’s heaps of palms trees, waterfalls, beaches, warm weather, and some killer surf. What makes Samoa an especially nice surf destination is that its waves are largely uncrowded. Yep, uncrowded waves in paradise, for realz.

With that said, Samoa ain’t like Bali or Costa Rica where everything is easy and caters to surfers. While the surf has been long discovered, the surf culture is still kinda finding its place in a way. It’s not easy to just roll up, scout the waves, and figure it all out on your own within a 10-day trip.

Matter of fact, you might get skunked without some guidance. The waves can be very fickle and so can the local norms. But don’t be deterred, we’ll help you sort it out and make sure that you’re pointed in the right direction. And with a little luck on a swell standpoint, you’re bound to score some unreal waves and have an epic trip.

TYPES OF SURF BREAKS: Most of the waves in Samoa break over coral reef. Some reefs are quite jagged and sharp, and some are more worn, flat, and forgiving from the pounding surf wearing it down. With a little size and glassy conditions or offshore wind, most of the best waves are fast and hollow with barrel sections on offer.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Since most of the breaks in Samoa have dangerous characteristics such as sharp, shallow reefs and heavier hollow waves, surfing in Samoa is best left to the experienced surfer. Samoa is not a great destination for beginners or those interested in learning how to surf. The waves tend to be fast and technical and rip tides can be a force to reckon with.

CROWDS: Samoa is an epic surfing destination with waves throughout the entire year. A crowded session typically has no more than a handful of surfers out with a terribly crowded session having a dozen or so at most. But don’t fret, you can still easily score breaks all to yourself if that’s what you’re hoping for.

WATER TEMP: The water temperature in Samoa is so nice ranging from about 78 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit (26-29 celsius). The only reason you might want to wear a rashguard at times is to protect your precious skin from the powerful Samoan sun. The sun is quite strong so be sure to pack quality sunscreen and zinc so you can endure those long marathon sessions.

Article & Images by @ Lush Palm, read the full article Here