Do I need a boat to get to the surf breaks?
The majority of the waves in Samoa are accessed by boat only, however there are some spots that are accessible by paddling. Manoa Tours offers both land and boat excursions, depending on wind and swell direction.

What is the best time of the year to surf in Samoa?
The largest south swells usually come between April-September with consistent trade winds from the southeast. From around October-March the swells are a bit smaller on the south, but the light winds and the chance of scoring the north side of the island more than make up for it.

Where Should I stay in order to use Manoa Tours Services?
Everyone is invited to utilize our services. In fact, Manoa Tours is the only independent surf operator in Samoa. One of our boats is moored at the Coconut’s Beach Club while another “goes mobile” to wherever may be best. If you need additional advice regarding accommodation just give us an email, we will be glad to help you.

Do you offer other tours/excursions?
Yes. We offer surfing, surf lessons and snorkeling tours as well as waterfall and hiking tours. All tours are customized and based on individual guest’s needs.

What should I bring?
Bring a board or two that you are comfortable using at home.  A big wave gun is not necessary, bring what you would ride on a good day at home.  Don’t forget sunscreen, extra leashes and fins, and tropical wax.

We provide all snorkel equipment, but if you have a favorite mask/snorkel feel free to bring it along!

For Hiking in Samoa comfy sandals with straps (easy to hike in) are the best option, as many of the hikes include sections where you may get wet. Choose the shoes you feel most comfortable in.

How do I book?
Please email us at manoatours@gmail.com and we will be happy to sort you out with surf, snorkel or hiking tours, accommodations or rental cars.


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