Snorkel Trips to the Giant Clam Sanctuary #Samoa

We love heading out for our snorkel trips to The Giant Clam Sanctuary, the huge clams never cease to amaze us!

14141740_1034429833319837_8118881749874907319_nThis past visit was much the same – warm clear water, white sandy beaches & these beautiful Giant Clams!

A definite “must do” for anyone visiting Samoa! #snorkelsamoa

More About Giant Clams –

It’s always a pleasure to see one of these beauties on the reef. Giant clams are large, colorful and, surprisingly, they are part animal and part โ€œplantโ€. That’s because giant clams, like corals, have plant-like cells (zooxanthellae) in their tissues that produce free food for the clams. When a clam opens its shell and spreads out its pretty mantle, it exposes these solar panels of zooxanthellae to the sun to make food, like a plant unfolding its leaves.

Because giant clams need sunlight, they inhabit shallow, clear waters down to about 60 feet deep.


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